Elephants are known as the largest land mammal on earth,
with distinctively large bodies, floppy ears and long trunks.
Once common in Africa and Asia, they are now critically
endangered following significant population declines over
the years.

The Peculiar Elephants, colourful with attitudes
of their own, were created based on these gentle giants.
They have evolved and now live in the Ethereum network
where their legacy can be preserved forever.


Blue, Green, Lilac, Lime, Orange, Purple, Red, Royal Blue, Violet, Yellow


Normal, Peculiar, Bug, and GOD


Blue, Green, Blue and Green, Brown, Normal, Orange, Purple


Angel, Bandana, Bini, Cap, Crown, Earrings, Fedora, Fez, Goggles, Headband, Maang Tikka, Plaster, Propeller, Ribbon, Tiara, Vikings


Cake, Cigar, Cigarette, Coffee, Green Tea, Lollipop, Popsicle, Soda, Sugarcane, Vape

What can you do with this NFT after owning a Peculiar Elephant?


You can do whatever you want with it.
You can use it as a profile picture.
Use it as Logo then customise and print on your merchandises.

NO frills, JUST chills

Only have Cute Peculiar Elephants for collections
For Serious Collectors Only
Rarity Snipers : Trackable traits only